Emirates Safety Services LLC provides personnel Certification to the candidates/operators in UAE as per the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 and as per the local regulations.

The following Certification programs are offered by us

  • Tower Crane Operator
  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Overhead Crane Operator
  • Fork Lift Operator
  • Rigger I & II
  • Signal Person
  • ESS shall verify and provide information, upon request, as to whether an individual holds a current, valid certification and the scope of that certification, except where the law requires such information not to be disclosed. Kindly contact our office at

    Reference Documents :-

    Sl no. Name Download pdf
    1 ESS-CS-01 Mobile Crane Operator View
    2 ESS-CS-02 Tower Crane Operator View
    3 ESS-CS-03 Overhead Crane Operator View
    4 ESS-CS-04-Forklift-Operator View
    5 ESS-CS-05-Mobile-Elevating-Work-Platforms View
    6 ESS-CS-05-Mobile-Elevating-Work-Platforms View
    7 ESS-CS-06-Riggers View
    8 ESS-CS-07-Signalman View
    9 PY_01_Quality-Policy View
    10 PY_02_Confidentiality-Policy View
    12 PY_03_Impartiality-Policy View
    13 PY_05_Suspending-Withdrawing-Or-Reducing-the-Scope-Of-Certification-Policy View
    15 QP-CB-07_Complaint-and-appeal View
    16 QP-CB-08-F02-Examination-Application-Form View
    17 QP-CB-10_Certificate issue-suspension-and-withdrawal View
    18 QP-CB-10_Certificate-issue-suspension-and-withdrawal View
    19 QP-CB-11-Impartiality-and-Independence-Rev-01 View
    20 QP-CB-15-F02-Exam-Assessment-Form View
    21 QP-CB-16-Certification-scheme-review-procedure View
    22 QP-CB-18-Exam-Administration-Procedure View
    23 QP-CB-19-Procedure-for-Recertification View
    24 QP-CB-21-Non-conformity-Control View