In 1985, we opened our Fire division and we are approved by the following entities:
  • Lloyds Register
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) - GL
  • American Bureau Of Shipping
  • Indian Register of Shipping
  • Royal institute of Naval Architects


  • Servicing, testing, as per prevailing Marine Standards and certification of Smoke/ Heat Detection systems, both Conventional as well as addressable, any brand
  • Fixed CO2 Systems, local application as well as total flood applications Low, Medium and High Expansion Foam Systems for deck, product tanks as well as engine rooms.
  • Fixed Fire Suppression systems based on FM200, Novec 1230 as well as Stat-X.
  • B.A Sets.
  • EEBDs
  • Inspection, Hrdro Testing, Refilling Certification and Installation of:
    • B.A Cylinders,
    • EEBD cylinders,
    • Medical Oxygen cylinders,
    • Cylinders from Life Boats,
    • Air bottles skids,
    • Portable and trolley, foam types, powder types, fire extinguishers and any gas cylinder’s expect LPG cylinders
    • FM 200 Systems
    • NOVEC 1230 Systems
    • DCP Systems input below this point
    • Fire alarm system
    • Fire hose reel systems
    • CO2 Fire Suppresion Systems
    • Kitchen Fire Suppresion Systems
    • High Fog Water System
    • Hydrotesting of Kelley Tubes from DSVS (Diving Support Vessels)
    • Transfer, storage and refilling of Foam Concentrate from the ship's foam tanks
    • Collection and disposal of spent foam concentrate
  • Design, supply installation, servicing, testing, as per prevailing Civil Defense Standards and certification of:
    • Smoke Heat Detection systems both conventional as well as addressable, any brand.
    • Fixed CO2 Systems, local application as well as total flood applications
    • Low medium and high expansion Foam Systems for Emergency Gen.
    • Rooms.
    • Fixed Fire Suppression systems based on-FM200, NOVEC 1230 as well as Stat-X,
    • Fixed Fire Suppression systems for Kitchen hoods and exhausts
    • Water based firefighting systems
    • Civil defense approved AMC for Factories,G+6 buildings warehouse, hydrostatic testing of all type of cylinders and certification of fire hoses.
  • Safety Training Courses
    • Emergency First Aid
    • Advanced First Aid
    • Basic Fire Safety
    • Awareness
    • Fire Warden/Marshal
    • HAZMAT(Hazardous Materials) Training
    • Work At Height Safety
    • H2S Safety Awareness & SCBA
    • Saftey Use of Rope Access
  • Emergency & Exit Lightning
    We can install, service and maintain emergency & exit lighting to aid safe evacuation in the event of a power failure to normal lighting. The requirement for emergency & Exit lighting, its type and location, is defined through the carrying out of a fire risk assessment.


Marine Fire Detection Systems
Marine Fire Suppression Systems
Land Fire Detection Systems
Pressure Vessels
Breathing Apparatus
Respiratory Productive Equipments
Rubber Hose Assemblies
Refilling of Fire Extinguisher
Servicing of Fire Extinguisher